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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien: Dealing with bad debts, the bank sold the property let go!

10:52 PM

He commented on the bad debt write-offs and direction now?

If there is bad debt, the first to do bankers need to sell his property goes to the bank holding steady, do not you bank, while creating shared interests of all, to the VAMC difficulties, he appealed to disburse to you.

VAMC money to buy the bad debt of taxpayers' money should not be spent unreasonably.

I would never vote for such type of expenditure. In that case, we need to ask some bankers that he had sold the car yet? He had a motorcycle to go to work? First, he had to sell his property to his handling of bad debt has gone ...

As the use of VAMC is to push down a portion of bad debt off the balance sheet of the bank, was not to bad loans in banks again suspended. And banks are accounted for and deducted 25% surcharge / year of total NPLs sold to VAMC.

Thus, VAMC is a form of zoning helps banks bad debts. And after cleaning the balance sheet of assets and the loan will boost the economy.

There is a fact that bad debts are still rising while the old bad debts have not been processed. With this fact, whether the end of the year may bring bad debts down 3%?

I must say, an economy must operate as a bad debt, the economy in the new planning no bad debts. The problem is how to strengthen measures of corporate governance, as incurred bad debt allowance should have to handle.

In case the bank does not handle the state will intervene with measures of agency. Here, I would like to blame the individual makes it difficult for the economy and they have to take responsibility.

Many people said that bad debts arise from interest groups. However, the benefits team to handle in recent years do not seem to have progressed much?

We have to accept interest groups, interest groups have the new one up bank shares trading. We can not say that right up bank shares in accordance with socialist goals are. There are benefits to harmonize the interests of the investor money, the depositors and the whole society.

We build the market economy, there must be standards first, then the new social mission behind this task was done state. We must distinguish clearly that, in the transition of the economy to have other things with their minds during the planning.

Currently, we are looking into the problem joint stock banks to look like a state bank is not ready.

The last time the public is very interested in the election lawsuit Kien. Matters of public concern is how to manage group benefit, not a case of market manipulation as last time?

Imprisoned. Kien case is a typical election. If it is not managed well, can not be elected Kien. However, we live in a law-governed society should want to catch and treat someone, there must be evidence. Though in my heart there is not happy to see people get rich fast, but we have no evidence it was illegal, they can not even talk about them as well to consider.

Talking like to understand one thing, in a society, we have to look at each other with friendly eyes, looked at the face that is a good citizen. Then, over the course of our operations, see its impact on the economy, we have remedies.

Currently we have to take measures to prevent and deter. There are precautions that they do not yet predict all situations will occur during the operation of the market economy.

Restructuring the banking system is going on too cautious, because the economy is dependent on bank loans, while the capital market is not really growing. Is this the reason why we are not brave enough to bankrupt banks?

Desire is one thing. The reality of the market is another story. We perform all his duties, but with affordable prices, but nothing has zero cost. That is going to be broken, will have losses but losses do not constitute flood, flash flood inundation zone to form.

In the discussion of the economic situation - social, pretty much the idea that the government should ease a little inflation to supporting growth. He concurred with this opinion?

In fact, theoretically operating in macro-economic policy is always lower than desired inflation rate of economic growth, the newly created real growth. We are a developing country and until now, the economy is still largely to be "live" by investors. When that growth based on investment, they must push up prices and lead to inflation.

However, at this point I should also care about the harmony between growth and inflation. For example, as of 2012, inflation was 6.04%, but if you subtract the cost of price adjustment services, healthcare, education and 3% inflation actually fell more than 3%.

Such an analysis to show that if inflation lasts so low that, the driving force for the economy, or in other words the economy "di du" Growth will be harder. So, we need to choose some point to balance between growth and inflation, ensure social life.

Recently, in terms of state management, we have a lot of work, such as the government has adopted policies to support business taxes. I think we did pretty well in the face of state management.
And while some businesses that need assistance in the future is to promote internal reform of the state apparatus for the administration of the server to become better citizens and businesses, creating production conditions for better business ...

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